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General information

TransGlobe SIA is successfully and globally engaged in onshore area of the wind power business. We offer the best product and service for each project and its varying site conditions.

Continuous innovation, a dedication to technological excellence and solutions adapted to each project application are the pillars of our wind power portfolio. Our wind turbines and services ensure long-term returns for customers.

Today, the critical need for sustainable sources of energy has become a pressing global issue. Over the last few decades, onshore wind power has emerged as the favored solution, and has developed into one of the most valued sources of renewable energy worldwide.

By 2020, onshore wind power could prevent 975 million tons of CO₂ emissions per annum. The maturity of the industry, alongside further innovation-led cost reductions, will pave the way for this. Importantly, onshore wind power contributes to local economies and creates jobs, with projects being developed by an increasingly diverse range of interest groups, from private individuals to large corporations.

As high demand continues, considerable technological advances have been made. As a result, onshore wind has become one of the most competitive and cost-effective renewable energy sources.